2020 INFO

What to expect when you arrive:

  • Pull into Viking Drive in front of the school. STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE

  • Someone will come and take the students temperature and review COVID-19 questions. Students are not allowed to exit their vehicle until this happens.

  • Once screened, students will exit and go to a predetermined spot located on the practice field in front of the school (up the stairs). Students must maintain 6 feet apart and wear a mask until instrument playing begins. 

  • If you are a student driving a vehicle, you follow the same process but after screening at the staircase, you will then go to the gravel parking lot to park and walk to the field.

What you need to bring:

                       A mask                                                                                 Instrument

                       Water (students may not share water)                              Medical form if new member

                       Brass players bring a cloth i.e. spit rag.                            Athletic shoes & exercise clothes

Note, students will not be allowed into the building during sectionals unless there is an emergency and practice is only allowed to last 90 minutes. This includes drop off, screening, practice and pick-up.  Transportation must be arranged to ensure the student is picked up on time.

More information to be released soon


Posted 05 August 2020